Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law
Taunusstraße 7
65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 (0)611/33 54 55 10
Mobile: +49 (0)1726127921
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Marcus Traut is a lawyer and an accredited specialist in criminal law, admitted to the barin the Federal Republic in Germany. He is a member of the Chamber of Lawyers Frankfurt am Main, Bockenheimer Anlage 36, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. He is practicing in compliance
with the Professional Code of Conduct for Lawyers (BORA), the Code of Conduct for
Lawyers Accredited in Specialist Fields (Fachanwaltsordnung), the Federal Code of Conduct
for German Lawyers (BRAO), the German Act on the Regulation of Lawyers’ Fees (RVG)
and the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in Europe.

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